Green Rider

I had the distinct pleasure of playing flutes on an album called Green Rider this year. The album is a “book soundtrack” composed by Kristina A. Bishoff to accompany the book of the same name, authored by Kristen Britain.

On her Kickstarter page, Kristina describes the album as “a musical adventure meant to enhance the magic of the story. The journey shouldn't have to end when you turn the last page!” At a time when many find it difficult to make a living in the music industry, it makes me happy to see this kind of innovation.

Composers and performers continue to look for new income streams and work hard to make money while doing what they love! I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a small contribution to projects such as this!

Shan Bawu

The Shan Bawu is the first in a collection of Kontakt instruments made by Embertone! I recorded various articulations of every note the instrument can play, plus transitions in between the notes. The product also includes 4 styles of "microphrase" transitions for each possible note change.

Check out this video for co-owner Alex Davis's demonstration:

I'm very happy to be working with Embertone on this series and am looking forward to recording samples for the next instrument very soon!

Flute Info

The best way to get information about the flutes I play is to just ask! I'm always happy to discuss ranges, strengths, weaknesses, and any other kind of question people come up with. In the meantime, I've created a PDF of the ranges of all of the flutes I currently own. Click here to view it.

Keep in mind three things:

  1. The list of instruments I own is always growing.
  2. Although every instrument has its limitations, there are ways to work around them.
  3. I am often willing to purchase a new instrument for the right job!